The Oil Alchemist Company was established in 1989 to produce and supply the chemicals needed for water purification and refinement systems, as well as the production and supply of chemicals required by refineries, oil, gas and petrochemical industries and crude oil drilling. The company’s products include anti-accumulation, anti-spherical, depositional, biodegradable and antimicrobials, dispersants and bio-dispersants, polymers and enamels, oxidants, silicone and alcoholic antiseptics and other chemicals. In reverse osmosis systems, open and closed circuit cooling towers, boilers, wastewater treatment systems and seawater treatment plants are used in various industries.

In the field of supplying the raw materials imported by companies active in the field of water purification and conditioning, oil and petrochemical company, drilling equipment suppliers, as well as industrial and material wastewater treatment industries, the petroleum alchemists, along with domestic production, The import of the raw materials required by the chemical industry is unknown from the reputable brands of the world and is from underground enterprises such as AkzoNobel USA, BASF Germany, Tosoh Japan, Purolite UK, Norit Netherlands, Dow and Nalco America, Kolon Life Science South Korea, etc., Imported raw materials for the refining and refining industry of water and oil and gas and petrochemicals and drilling Tom Yen makes a thong

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Inhibitors of acid corrosion


This chemical is the product of AkzoNobel USA
And as a corrosive reaction, acid addition is added to the acid.
It is available in two types ARMOHIB CI-28 and ARMOHIB CI-31.



Open circuit cooling tower cooling corrosion inhibitor


It is based on zinc phosphonate and as a corrosion inhibitor
And sediment is used in open circuit cooling towers
And with low injection compared to similar specimens, has the highest performance and performance.

Multi-purpose anti-corrosion

Strong sediment inhibitor

Compatible with other chemicals

Antiscallant device RO

260 Flocon

This chemical is a product of British BWA Company and as a
Antisklant is used to prevent RO membranes.

Very low intake

Guarantee of goods authenticity

Ability to use in all water salty and sea

Marble washbasins RO

Acidic and alkaline detergent

Acidic detergent based on the combination of 2 acid-compatible membranes and alkaline detergent
A mixture of alkaline and detergent substances that are membranous
Taken to the best of all.

Acid RS-280

Alkaline RS-200